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Pretty Cure Full Collor's Fate

Hi everybody!

So, long story short, I'll be uploading revised versions of my Pretty Cure fanseries: Pretty Cure Full Collor over at my deviantArt. But, why? Glad you ask!

Well, Pretty Cure Full Collor is nearing its final episodes here at LiveJournal and when the inevitable end hits, its sequel and every series I'm planning to write after that will have a new house on deviantArt!

Yes, after Pretty Cure Full Collor's final episode my fanseries will be uploaded through deviantArt. That's why I'm "re-publishing" the Pretty Cure Full Collor series over at dA as I write this.

Well that's all! Thanks for reading and I hope you join me and new readers for more adventures over at dA after the PCFC ends!



This is the final form of Cure Autumn: Miracle Autumn! How is she going to gain this new form? Who is she using this from for? Is she the only one who is getting this upgrade? All your questions will be answered in the season finale of Pretty Cure Full Collor!!

Miracle Autumn! - Cure Autum's Final Form
by hybridboy on DeviantArt

New Segment: Trivia Corner!

Hey everyone! While you wait for the next episode, I'll be releasing some secret information on the developments and changes the series secretly went through during its beginnings and production. Enjoy!

1. The Real Cure Spring!

At first nobody knew who was going to be the Fourth Cure: Cure Spring. Not even myself!! I had laid down a roster of the possible candidates: Hana Haruno, Kane Midorikawa, Sakura Tsuitei and, believe it or not, even Princess Sora. When I reached a point when I had to decide, it was not an easy task, but at the moment I didn't know... the series itself would tell me who was meant to be the Fourth Cure.

There was Princess Sora, who I had even drawn as a Pretty Cure (drawing to be released lol) but, she was still captured and sadly I needed her to stay that way in order to tell the story I wanted to tell. I quickly discarted her.

Then, we had Kane, EVERYONE thought and wanted her to be the Fourth, but the problem is I had already killed her off, so that was a no-no. Even thought I could have somehow made the Season Keys bring her back to life or some magic or what not, this was too complicated and eventually I made better plans for her character than to just fill the last Cure gap. The idea of a second season came and she definitely would be a part of that. With this, her story would actually advance more with her dead than with her alive.

Finally, Hana, was the obvious choice... but, she was too obvous of a choice, you know? I still wanted to impress and surprise, more than aything, with the reveal of the Foruth Cure and with Kane's dying, Hana fell into the Red Herring category, which made me aware of the person that was REALLY meant to be the last Pretty Cure: Sakura Tsuitei.

Sakura had begun her story as a bitchy, mean, new-comer to the lives of Pretty Cure and she slowly, but surely, changed her ways and became friends with our PreCure-trio, to finally be the one who would complete out PreCure-quartet...

The sky of a cherry blossom shower, Cure Spring!

Hope you liked this bit of information. There'll be more before the next episode premieres.

More news! Plus, a little something...

Hi guys! The release of episode 45 is near!!! You can expect it to be out before friday, cross my heart. And I'm so excited about finally finishing what is left of the series, that I got an amazing idea... After I finish Season 1, I'm thinking that I'll work again on someting I was thinking of writing during Season 1, but that I unfortunately wasn't able to write at the time. If everything goes according to plan, this something may see the light of day, before the release of the looong awaited Season 2.

That's all for now. Take care and thanks for reading!


Hi, everyone! I'm back to bring you some news:

1. The final episodes have changed titles!!! The story felt too convoluted and with too many filler episodes; this let me no choice but to stretch the storyline for the final episodes and close some previous storylines sooner. But I think it will come together nicely, so here they are:

Episode 45: Whole-heartedly! Pretty Cure's Last Break
Episode 46: Good Bye, Everyone! On Our Way to Neomonde!
Episode 47: Osmio & Onirk's Sacrifice! To the Princess' Rescue!!
Episode 48: Full Throthle! The Truth Behind Neomonde!
Episode 49: A Colorless World, A Colorless Sky! The Season Keys' Power!
Episode 50: The Sky is the Limit! Full Collor Forever!!

2. I'm still planning on writing a second season for PCFC, but it will no longer be titled Pretty Cure Full Collor ~Le Sacre~, instead the title will be: Pretty Cure Full Collor 2: Koronacji. And it will comprise a short amount of episodes, between 12 and 15, focusing on the same plot I had planned but, with some minor changes that I'll make public later on.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!
Finally, a good look at the season Keys. From left to right: standing for the summer, the Warm Stick; standing for the autumn, the Falling Leaf; standing for the winter, the Frozen Branch; and standing for the spring, the Shinning Bud.

I hope you like it!

Picture under the cut...Collapse )


NOW, I know I haven't been here in a long time, I'm going to be honest, I stopped writing at episode 46... I finished 45, but episode 46 is not coming so easy as I thought it would. So, I may have to delay a little more episode 45, but it's only a delay, I'm still on this! Okay? Okay!


Well, the other topic on this entry is this new idea I came up with, I just had to put my mind on it, and it developed into a whole new concept for a fanseries. So yeah, if I ever do write Pretty Cure Puzzled Spirits, I will probably make this next series. Or I might change the order and do the new one first and leave Puzzled Spirits to the last.

So far I have in mind:

1. Pretty Cure Full Collor (On Going)
2. Pretty Cure Full Collor * Le Sacre * (In Development)
3. Soft Fusion Pretty Cure! (In Pre-Production)
4. Pretty Cure Puzzled Spirits (In Development)
5. Unnamed PreCure Fanseries (In Development)

See you later guys!!!


Preview - Episode 45

Morning on Akryl Town, as the sun shines over town, at Rei’s house we see the girls helping the Toumizu family to put Grandma’s things in a taxi.

“Thanks girls for helping us in your day off.” Rei’s grandmother says gently to Atsui, Sakura and Aki who are carrying some things to a taxi.

“Don’t worry, we wanted to come.” Aki says, while placing a bag on the taxi’s trunk.

“Yes, Rei told us you were leaving and we wanted to come over and help.” Atsui adds and opens a bottle of water she’s been carrying.

“Oh, well, let’s chat less and get going!” Minako shouts to the group while she locks the house’s front door.

“Mina! You don’t have to boss us around!” Rei says to her sister.

“Don’t forget who is in charge of you and the house while Grandma’ is gone.” Minako replies.

“Don’t remind me…” Rei says, a little discouraged.

“Those two keep on fighting…” Aki says.

“Yes, but at least now we know they really care for each other.” Sakura replies.

“…Despite what they show.” Atsui says this and the girls laugh, the two sisters notice this and wonder what the girls are laughing about.

“Okay, let’s head to the airport girls.” Rei’s grandmother says to what the girls answer with a nod.